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Guru Lineage

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Mounibaba used to respect and love his Guru tremendously and used to get mad in love chanting the name of his Guru. He advised to chant the maha mantra "Jaya Guru" and sing the glories of your guru. Every perfection is in it.

In the tantra lineage, his guru was Sri Sri Anandamoy Brahamchari ji

In the yogi lineage, his guru was Sri Sri Nigamananda Paramhansa ji

In the Vaishnav lineage, his guru was Sri Sri Vishweswar Goswami

Sometimes while mad in ecstasy, he used to say "I don't have any sampradaya. I belong to all sampradayas. The eternal sanatan dharma is getting corrupted only because of the friction of this difference. There is always a friction among Shakta, Shaiva and Vaishnav. Even different lineages of Vaishnavas are having various opinions. The true religion will only arise, when there is a unity among all the sampradayas and work unitedly for the welfare of people. Humanity is the greatest religion and it will arise only after knowing oneself. Great saints like Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Lokanath Baba, Ramaprasad Thakur, Trailanga Swami, etc. have established this fact. "

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