The newly constructed Ashram is situated in Ranibari and is open to all worshippers. Peripheral work is still being carried, but the main theme of the mandir is complete. Inauguration of the mandir took place on 9th April 2009 and was attended by over 600 worshippers throughout the day.


The central murti is of Sri Sri Mounibaba, the ascetic monk / saint in who's memory the mandir has been constructed.

Shiv Ling
Sri Mounibaba
(central murti)
Sri Radha Madhav & Hanumanji
Opening ceremony preceeding
with a Havan
Early arrival of devottees
Evening satsang ending the day with "bhajans" (devotional songs) celebrating the Supreme Lord and sadguru Shri Shri Mounibaba.


The "Bhairav" Tree which is mentioned in the book about Sri Sri Mounibaba and under which Sri Gurudas practices His daily meditation